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ZEUSLAP 15.6inch Touching Function Portable Monitor

Type C and HDMI Dual Output Connection

1920*1080P+HDR IPS 178°Wide Angle Screen

For Nintendo SWITCH/PS4/XBOX One/Raspberry PI extend

For AE,AI,PR,PS image or video edit software a second screen extend

Touch Function Remark:

Laptop/PC Touch: Only support WINDOWS SYSTEM.

Phone Touch: Only support THUNDERBOLTS TYPE C phone.

Some of model cannot support touch function like LG V30, aLL ONE PLUS phone cannot support touch function. Touch function depends on phone model, Please contact our service center if you need to use touch function before purchase. Thanks.

If can not light up the screen, need extra power on the screen. Use a 5V-3A adapter to connect the screen via the Type C to USB cable.


No Touch Devices Remark:

All gaming consoles like Nintendo SWITCH, PS4, XBOX One and so on.

ONE PLUS PHONE, Macbook Pro Laptop with Macbook OS System.

Some TV BOX model do not support the Android touch.


Laptop Touch Connection Remark:

1. USB to Type C cable to connect laptop usb port and monitor type c data port.

(Hearing Dongdong sound, means the touch driver has been installed.)

2. USB to Type C cable to connect charger and power by the monitor type c pd charging port.

3. Mini HDMI to HDMI cable to connect the laptop and monitor.


Non-thunderbolts Type C phone Connection Remark:

Can ONLY use our HDTV cable to connect the phone with the monitor via HDMI connection.

The HDTV cable needs to be purchased extra, buy with the monitor can enjoy usd9.99 low price.

The touching function can not work with non-thunderbolts type c phone, it can only mirror function.


Destination Customs Tax Remark:

Aliexpress sale price excludes the destination customs tax.

Destination customs tax is bared by the buyer,please be well noted.


Declaration Value on Shipping Invoice Remark:

Normally seller will declare a reasonable value in the invoice for the buyer to avoid the high customs tax in destination.If need to declare at certain amount, please contact us when place order.详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_01详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_03详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_05详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_05-1详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_07详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_09详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_10详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_10-1详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_11详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_13详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_15详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_17详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_19应用展示触摸屏幕连接详图详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_21详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_23详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_25详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_27详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_29详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_30详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_30-1详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_30-2详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_31详情页1080P-TOUCH-EN_33